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Win in co-create – 2017 xizi elevator marketing sharing party

On February 24, west the elevator “create idea. Win at 2017 west elevator marketing share party” at the west hotel ended, Mr West union President Chen Xiaxin, ms presents new theo President, Mr West elevator President wen-chao liu, west the elevator marketing executive ms lily tse with company management and excellent from all over the country dealers and sales elite gathered, witnessed this event together.


Party in the “Hangzhou welcome you” song kicked off, then entered the party’s key link – West elevator renamed the ceremony. The party was honored to visit the Lin’an Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Ms. Shen Hui and West Lift partners to witness this historical moment, with water from all corners of the globe watering the “West” this carries the spirit of the Chinese national manufacturing industry craftsmen brand. West elevator three decades of development, accumulation, like a drop of stone to wear, rivers and sinks of the sea, is a little bit of accumulation cast a brilliant today. Today’s Xizi lift, broken cocoon out, stunning bloom, will be with glory embarked on a new journey!
Followed by President Liu Wenchao and marketing executive director Xie Liping a total of a poem – “spend the West”: flowers in the West, stirring thirty-six years, we walked together before, every time I always write Under the poem, so that the wind to sing inexplicable thoughts … … the sound of the poem recitation and a record of the company’s hard work and sweat of the old photos, the memories of everyone back to the past. The The The The The
Liu and Xie total poetry recitation also let the co-president of the West, Mr. Chen Xiaoxin feel, he said that the West today, the achievements of the elevator is not accidental, but from all corners of the globe every outstanding partner and West elevators work together, side by side Struggling to come. We have toast, and wish the West Elevator grand exhibition, promising! The whole evening was filled with the mellow wine, everyone with the drink fun.


The form of the party is rich and colorful, wonderful program endless. The party also prepared a surprise birthday party for the seven birthday partners, Mr. Liu Wenchao, President and Ms. Xie Liping, President of Marketing, personally sent the best wishes to spend the romantic moments with the longevity.

The wonderful night in the moving and joy came to an end, West Elevator with a visual feast opened the prelude to the return of the partnership. If there is no habitat, where are wandering – dear partners, welcome to go home!

In the creation of the West sub-elevator marketing share will follow the wonderful, so stay tuned!

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Post time: Jun-28-2021

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