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Xizi elevator glitter Turkey Eurasian elevator exhibition

March 23, 2017 – 26th, the 15th Turkish Eurasian elevator exhibition was held in Istanbul, Turkey, the exhibition brings together the global elevator industry chain of all well-known enterprises. As the domestic elevator industry’s leading escalator product manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, Xizi elevator invited exhibitors.


The exhibition, the West Elevator to the spacious open booth on both sides to fully demonstrate the West elevator business advantages, technical strength and marketing level, with a series of intelligent new products to attract new countries from around the world to come to the new and old customers to consult Negotiations, they have expressed the hope that with the West elevators in-depth cooperation and common development. The exhibition, the West Elevator further to the world elevator industry to show a strong brand strength and excellent technical strength. The future, the West will strive to explore the elevator, and actively practice the “going out” strategic planning, depicting the world brand blueprint.


As the Turkish government designated elevator service, west elevator in this country but also left many wonderful works, one of the classic Alacity project, important city Alasehir in Turkey, close to lzmir, this a five floors of shops and a 22 floors of a house is a Alasehir modern intelligent landmarks. Xizi provided the passenger lifts, fire lifts, escalators and walkways that meet the latest EN81 standard and CE certification. For xizi, this is not only the need for development, but also the task of promoting “made in China” to the world.


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